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Learning about attracing ladies

Chasing Pretty Girls On The Street

Posted on December 30 2013 by OBlogger in daygame

Chasing Pretty Girls On The Street

There are other good places to meet great women other than bars and clubs where most guys go. If you think about it, quality girls are not only found in bars and night clubs. Whatever the place may be, it should be possible to go and meet women there.

You should already know what to do if you see the woman you want to meet. It can be easier to approach a girl when they're alone and that's what they are in the day. You don't have to think of what to do with her companions during this time.

There's no need ot hide your intentions when you meet girls during the day. Sometimes girls have to go somewhere and that's when you have to go faster. If you can meet women at night and have the option during the day, you'll have better chances at this if you know a day game blueprint like yad and andy yosha.

You'll have to follow a different set of rules if you want to meet girls in the day light. You need to lower your energy level. If you don't want to say anything, you can use dogs to let them come to you. If everything went well, just tell her to meet you afterwards.

Different location require different strategies for meeting women. Most women are walking in the street going shopping or going somewhere.

Depending on where you are right now, your energy level should match it. In day game, you need to be more relaxed and casual like all the rest. In clubs, you can dance and be all high energy but not in the street.

If you want to meet again, be sure you have some connection established. Connection is vital when it comes to dating and relationships. Trust yourself more and she too will trust you. Don't allow the connection to be broken easily by being true to yourself. Fully believe that you will make it her and you will see her again.

Many men want to know where to meet women but don't know where to start. What matters is the will to meet women not just the knowledge you have. If you have a large group of friends, meeting women can be easy if you are known among your group. Introductions only work so well if the girl can hear good things about you. If you're online, you can easily get dates from the internet. Try online dating if you're so busy you can't even talk to woman anymore.

There are many dating sites out there, just sign up and get going. Don't just let that option go just because you don't know how. We all do the same things most of the time. Women need to live their life like we do. Meet them when they are not defensive and you'll have a better chance at them.

If you're in college, you can meet girls at college parties and other social events. When you go to parties, you'll be able to meet a lot of young women. The key is to be able to enjoy and have fun during these events. Go meet the girls you see instead of waiting for them. To make it easier to find a girl you'll like, talk to everyone.

Don't just pick one. Show your playfulness and flirt with them a little. Girls will surely notice that you're fun and they'll want to join in. Invite them over to join you as you have fun and enjoy yourself. Don't let yourself be alone and be more social to meet more people. Make sure you're heard when you speak, don't worry about what they think and speak up. Amuse yourself and be excited at meeting everyone in the room instead of looking at others for fun. When she's giving you the signs, be sure to take her hand and lead her somewhere quiet. Don't let her friends interfere by staying where they are.

Not all men know what to say when meeting an interesting woman. Most of the time they don't really even try to meet and talk to girls since they're afraid to make mistakes. It natural for inexperienced guys to over-think things and make obvious blunders. Even saying a pickup line you know should work will not work if you think stupid things. Girls will find out the truth either way, so don't fake it.

Being shy and not going out much, you won't be able to meet lots of girls. You should do something about your shyness if you want to meet some girls. Take it slowly if you want but do it anyway. Try to greet people you encounter every day. You may need to commit to it fully and don't give up halfway.

After several times it will get less difficult. You can just start talking and see what happens.

Just be nice and talk to them like it's just natural to you. What you want is become comfortable talking to others and not let others affect you. Get outside of your comfort zone and do not worry about approaching women.

If you can make it so that you can talk to anyone, you'll feel really good about yourself. It can be intimidating at first but the fear will disappear and it will become pleasurable to meet people.

Getting to know someone for the first time can be really cool. Confidence is the key you don't want to put in your pocket and hide. Most of the time, it doesn't matter what you talk about as long as it's about them.

Ask about her life and what she does for fun. The more information you know about her the better chance you'll have with her. Keep your thoughts to yourself and save it for later. Make the conversation fun and light and the mood shiny.

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